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B2B, B2C, B2G, or maybe all of the above? There is no room in good communication for a "one size fits all" approach.

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In PR activities, we do not indulge in smooth words and unsupported theses. Whether we are building media relations, launching a company, designing an employer branding campaign for it or mapping the brand’s key stakeholders – we always work based on data analytics. This allows us to verify on an ongoing basis the legitimacy of the proposed actions and shape precise communication in the spirit of data-driven, which, in addition to image values, realizes specific business objectives of our clients.

For many years, we have been implementing PR effectiveness research models, including both international standards like AMEC and proprietary metrics. For our clients, we are a partner and advisor who, despite our creative head, stands firmly on the ground. We look at trends, follow new tools and channels to reach the audience. We closely observe the client’s environment – not only the economic, political and social one, but also the close market environment, including the activities of competitors. Our specialists are proactive, but grounded in reality. Both business and financial. We pay great attention to optimizing our clients’ spending budgets.

Areas of expertise

We don't claim to know everything. But we are experts in these areas. And we have proof of this in the form of hundreds of successfully completed projects.

Media relations

We nurture relationships with journalists by building a dialogue between brands and media representatives

Employer Branding

In EB campaigns, we involve the company's current employees, because we know that they are its best ambassadors

Content marketing

Through articles, trendbooks and reports, we create quality content that you want to recommend further

International communications

As members of two international PR networks, we implement communication campaigns around the world

Thought leadership

We build an expert image by creating opportunities to share knowledge and shape public opinion

Crisis consulting

We identify communication risks and help brands get out of crisis situations

Do you need support in another area?

If you haven't found the answer to your business or communication needs above, please get back to us. If we can't help you (and that's doubtful) we'll advise you on where to turn for support.

Planet Partners team has done a great work to continue establishing realme as a tech trendsetter brand.

Victoria xi, Brand Manager of realme Poland 

At Planet Partners, we have created a team of experts specializing in strategic consulting, digital marketing and communications in the broadest sense. Our domain includes projects in the space, IT and new technologies, health, consumer goods and lifestyle sectors, as well as assignments on behalf of the public sector and NGOs. Our interdisciplinary team has encountered many challenges while working on various projects. As a result, we can use ideas and procedures that we have repeatedly implemented in communication activities.
We respect our clients and share their mission and goals. We enjoy working with teams that also respect and appreciate our work. We believe that there is strength in teamwork. Clients are served by a team of 2 or 3 people. Most of our team has 5+ years of experience, and the average tenure in our company is as high as 4 years! Our team includes experienced consultants, and juniors are never left alone with problems, decisions or operations. Experience and commitment brings high quality. Each of our materials undergoes a so-called double-check before being sent to the client. In our daily work, we are not just advisors – the plans and strategies we design are then implemented by our team of experts. Everything we do and advise is grounded in reality – we do not propose unrealistic, ineffective or devalued solutions.
Measurement of the effectiveness of projects depends on the goals we set together with the client. In our work we do not use AVE, or advertising equivalent, which is unreliable and inconsistent with the rules of the ZFPR (Association of Public Relations Firms), to which we belong. For many years we have been implementing PR effectiveness research models, including both international standards like AMEC, but we also work on our own ideas. Clients appreciate our pioneering system for measuring the numerical and qualitative effectiveness of campaigns. It involves dividing target groups in the media into 3 categories, to which we then assign a certain number of points and determine what number of points earned in a given month or quarter is satisfactory.
We have experience in broad business processes. Therefore, we understand that any marketing or communication activity must be coupled with sales processes and business management strategy. We work on goals, set them ourselves, analyze the effects and optimize further actions if necessary. We differentiate between marketing, B2B and B2C communications, and know that approaching each of these issues requires different thinking about the customer path, customer satisfaction, and the business itself. As a result, we do not “transfer” experience from one department to another, but realistically use the experience of years of working with a specific type of business.
We are experienced in many information technologies, industrial or deep-tech sectors. Therefore, the implementation time with us in understanding the client’s products or services is shorter than in other agencies. We don’t just focus on the Client’s technology product or service itself. We go deeper, trying to understand the needs of its audience and how a particular technology will facilitate their business processes or solve their problems. We treat the technology market as horizontal. That’s why we often broaden the audience in projects (e.g., to include CFOs) or advise presence at non-industry events.

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We can talk a lot about ourselves, but we prefer to give voice to our customers. The ratings they give us in Net Promoter Score or Kantar surveys prove that a high level is a standard for us, not an aspiration.


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