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Effective conduct of integrated communications in a company be even more effective if you carry out ongoing tasks and solve important problems in cooperation with experienced partners. It is worth having a trusted team of consultants who can recommend solutions in the area of communication on an ongoing basis

Public Relations

Strategic and creative support for ongoing PR activities

Develop a matrix of recommended communication tools and channels

Communication support for the company's ongoing marketing campaigns

Mapping of journalists

Conducting comprehensive media relations activities

Social media campaigns

Communications campaigns

Comprehensive preparation and implementation of various types of communication campaigns in line with the company's stra

Development of creative ideas for the campaign along with recommendation of communication channels

Mapping and collaboration with bloggers and influencers

Recommendation and cooperation with ambassadors and opinion leaders

Media planning and buying

Content marketing

Maintaining company blogs (content preparation, broadcast plan, content promotion plan)

Social media (recommendations of activities, preparation of content, broadcast plan, monitoring)

Development of industry and market reports and trendbooks

Preparation and implementation of advertising campaigns, including media planning and buying


Preparation of ideas and creative solutions for the event

Planning and comprehensive implementation of events, including leading (speaker) and organizational support

Promotion of the event (action plan, communication channels, comprehensive media coverage of events)

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Our involvement in the WMF project has led to a noticeable increase in its attendance and profitability, showing that it is capable of making its mark on the cultural calendar of Warsaw.