Strategy and consulting

Effective strategic planning, which should take into account the entity’s business objectives, must always be based on a comprehensive assessment of the baseline situation. A correct and comprehensive analysis of the data makes it possible to effectively design a strategic basis for the brand, corporate identity or prepare an integrated marketing communications program.


Conducting a baseline analysis in the form of a communications audit, using proprietary tools

Preparation of media and social media monitoring reports

Study of identity systems of companies and institutions (visual identity systems, language of communication)

Preparation of expert guidelines for further management of brand/company communication

Data-driven communication

Communications campaign analytics (including competitive analysis)

Data communications

Data-driven campaign planning and optimization

Strategic support in the preparation of buyer persona and communication persona

Market reports

Development of marketing industry reports (image, communication methods, case studies)

Substantive and graphic development of trendbooks (identification of trends and tendencies in a given industry)

Preparation of expert opinions in strategic areas of communication of companies and institutions

Communications strategy

Strategy planning for new brands

Rebranding of brands (repositioning, change of identity, new communication)

Preparation of communication strategies and programs

International communications

Planning the communication presence of brands in foreign markets

Develop international communication plans in cooperation with local agencies

Coordinate projects implemented simultaneously in multiple markets by different agencies

Communication support for Polish clients planning foreign expansion

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