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Top results of WMF digital campaign

The Warsaw Photo Marathon is a competition aimed at photography enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs. In 8 hours, participants must take 8 photos in 8 categories corresponding to the leading theme of the event.

What was our challenge?

To conduct a META campaign, with a minimum number of tickets purchased – 300 in 2022 and 400 in 2023 – as an indicator of success, within the established budget.

To design and develop the event’s website, enabling extremely simple editing of content and creation of elaborate repositories of photos from future editions of the event.

Social media campaign

July – September 2023

August – September 2022

Our cooperation included, among other things: preparing the strategy and handling META campaigns (including optimization and reporting), preparing content and graphics for ads, publishing and developing organic content.

4TH EDITION (2023)


tickets sold

the entire available pool of tickets (500) was sold out before the official end of sales with a KPI of 400 registered participants


campaign reach

Estimated reach of information (unique users, organic + paid reach, Facebook + Instagram)

3RD EDITION (2022)


tickets sold

310% increase over the previous edition and 226% increase over the best edition to date, with a KPI of 300 registered participants


campaign reach

Estimated reach of information (unique users, organic + paid reach, Facebook + Instagram)


The main challenge accompanying the development of the WMF website was to ensure that all elements of the site could be edited without the need for a programmer later on. The project was conducted in two iterations in order to implement the main page (without additional functionality) as quickly as possible.

What was the process like?

Preparation of the site map, agreement on the list of needed functionalities, approval of the graphic direction.

The first iteration – preparation of the graphic design and implementation of the homepage on the server.

The second iteration – preparation of graphic design and implementation of the remaining subpages, development of functionality and responsiveness of the site.

Security of the site, preparation of editable elements, creation of user manuals.


automatically processed photos

CMS system that allows more than 5,000 images from all editions to be uploaded, processed and dynamically displayed with… one mouse click from the Client’s perspective.

// Function to retrieve image files within a folder
function getImagesInFolder($folder, $baseURL, $directory) {
    $imageFiles = array_merge(glob($folder . '/*.jpg'), glob($folder . '/*.png'));
    // Replace the directory part of the image file paths with the base URL
    $imageFiles = array_map(function ($imageFile) use ($baseURL, $directory) {
        return str_replace($directory, $baseURL, $imageFile);
    }, $imageFiles);
    return $imageFiles;

What are the results of our actions?

Our activities ensured that the project, for the second year in a row, attracted a large number of photography enthusiasts (mobile and professional), exceeding expectations. Our involvement in the WMF project caused its attendance and profitability to increase noticeably, showing that it is capable of appearing on the map of Warsaw’s cultural events.

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