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#ProtectTheFuture campaign

The last year and a half since Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has confirmed how fragile a sense of security can be. The war that has encroached beyond our borders is also informative, and a lack of adequate knowledge can heighten anxiety. The membership of Poland and the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) in NATO guarantees security, which was emphasized by the online creators of the aforementioned countries during the ongoing #ProtectTheFuture information campaign aimed at young people earlier this year.

As an executive agency, we were responsible for logistics, contacting Polish talents (Maciej Musial, Maria Andrejczyk, MrSetoKami and GrabaGra), coordinating and assisting in the production of content in line with the campaign’s goals and co-organizing the campaign’s closing event, supporting the lead agency M&C Saatchi World Services.


First step at the Alliance headquarters


The project started in May 2023, in Brussels, where creators from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland met with leaders and experts to learn from the inside how the Alliance works, how it defends its citizens, what representatives from all 31 countries work on every day and, above all, what the power of unity is.


Conversation with Secretary General @jensstoltenberg, generals and ambassadors during the visit in NATO’s Headquarters, gave me the feeling that we are not only an alliance of interests, but an alliance of values.


New era is coming!
Me? Just hanging around 🤷🏽‍♂️


Thank you for this opportunity to see closer what NATO is about. And thank you of your TRUST! @nato #ProtectTheFuture


BaltOps maneuvers


From Brussels, the creators involved in the campaign traveled to the eastern flank, where the greatest danger of the past few decades has occurred. The opportunity to participate in Baltops, the Alliance’s largest naval maneuvers, which have been held periodically since 1972 in the Baltic Sea, was an excellent chance to demonstrate readiness to defend the eastern flank’s borders, including Poland.

Military personnel from 19 countries and one partner country took part in the exercise. Fifty ships, more than 45 aircraft were used and 6,000 soldiers from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, among others, were involved.


@USMarines in action, USS Mount Whitney ship, @RoyalNavy, German destroyer. These few days have given me a better understanding of what a powerful force this Alliance represents and what it does to protect us. Thanks @nato!


NATO summit in Vilnius


An important part of the campaign was participation in the Alliance summit, which took place in mid-July in Vilnius. The opportunity to look behind the scenes of the meetings of the leaders of the largest countries is something unique. One of the main topics of the Summit was the situation in Ukraine, and Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s speech had a symbolic dimension as the beginning of the country’s efforts to enter the Alliance structures.


Vilnus. My grandfathers’ most beloved city, where he spent his happiest moments in life before the II World War. There he was imprisoned by Gestapo and NKVD.


While being on the NATO summit I thought about him a lot. How happy he would be that in his beloved city, the leaders of all NATO countries, the strongest defensive alliance, meet.


An event that will go down in Lithuanian history is already underway, and contrary to what the angry Facebook comments might suggest, the @nato Summit should not cause any major inconvenience to the daily life of Vilnius and its citizens.


Visits to military bases


The Polish ambassadors of the project, during their visits to successive military bases, not only showed the soldiers’ combat capabilities, further elements of maneuvers, but also engaged in joint training. They showed from behind the scenes the life of a soldier – literally and figuratively.

Olympian 🆚 NATO battlegroup 🏋️‍♀️

After a workout session with soldiers based in Poland, Maria got challenged…


NATO gaming tournament


The final element of the campaign was a gaming event we co-hosted on October 30, 2023 at the Elektrownia Powisle in Warsaw. Alliance representatives, including the Assistant Secretary General, and gamers came together to talk about unity and security, the key values of the campaign, in the form of a game livestreamed on Twitch. The gameplay based on the games “Among Us” and “Party Animals” also allowed an important discussion to take place in a casual setting, showing the importance of cooperation towards a common goal.

The Planet Partners team, as an executive agency, together with external suppliers, took care of: gaming infrastructure (including streaming stations and all the necessary technical facilities), stage, Free 2 Play zones, where you could relax with your favorite games – both classic, arcade-type and newer titles, space arrangement, catering, and streaming setup.

We invited key Polish media to the event, whose representatives were eager to attend.

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