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PR is measurable

Find out by example how at Planet Partners we reach for the stars.

Expert Commentary

How to get out of the creativity rut? How can the communications industry use innovation for diversity? What's next for public relations? Learn more from Planet Partners' experts.

Best implementations

Learn how we supported the introduction of the bail system in Poland, how we reached out to SpaceX astronauts with our publication, and about how we supported Green Caffè Nero's 20th anniversary communications.

Sharing the knowledge!

The latest developments and trends in communications, reports and analysis, sales, marketing and PR. A selected collection of Planet Partners' best insights.

The casebook, created by our agency's team of experts, was created with marketing and communications leaders in mind - the publication provides information on what areas the agency can support their business, what innovation in communications is and what the future of the PR industry looks like. The casebook is also a must-read for PR beginners - they will find in it a source of practical knowledge, good practices and interesting case studies. This is the only such up-to-date publication on the Polish market created by practitioners. Enjoy!

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