Sometimes the most difficult task of a PR professional is to explain the ins and outs of his own profession and the rules of the agency – especially one working remotely. That’s why we created a knowledge base, where we share our knowledge and experience gained over the years. What tools does a PR person use? How to prepare for a media interview? Why is it worth starting cooperation with an agency with a joint training? Answers to these questions can be found below.
Working remotely is a daily occurrence for our team, but we often hear people asking how an agency that doesn't have a permanent office works. When working from more than ten different locations scattered around the country, can we meet regularly for coffee? How do we work with the media? Find out what the work of a remote agency looks like behind the scenes.  
The scope of our responsibilities is growing dynamically and we are finding that a paper calendar and handwritten notes are no longer sufficient. Thanks to increasing digitalization, we are using solutions that help us in our daily duties. Which tools do we not part with in our work?
In addition to technical applications, can artificial intelligence be useful in the creative industry? According to Polish law, can AI be the author of a work protected by copyright law? How to create a drawing of an astronaut playing basketball with cats in space if you are not a graphic designer?
In a world of information chaos and ubiquitous advertising, it is PR activities that form the basis of effective and efficient sales. PR is increasingly effective in entering where advertising cannot.
NPS is well-known in the IT industry, but it can be used anywhere - for example, in marketing, PR, and communications services. The short survey, consisting of just two questions, allows for an independent numerical evaluation, identifying areas for improvement and acquiring information about expectations.
To say that 2020 was special is like saying nothing at all. The pandemic has verified whether what companies, institutions and public figures say about themselves coincides with reality, or exists only in the realm of visions. Last year tested our adaptability, our knowledge of new technologies, our productivity, but also our empathy with our customers and team, and our business agility and savvy.