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Karol Maćkowiak

Account Manager

Sports enthusiast, both in theory and practice. However, he gave up his dreams of being a footballer to work for several years with Przegląd Sportowy, the sports section of Głos Wielkopolski, covering the most important sports events. He also worked with smaller local titles, where he got to know the media from the "other side". For over 6 years on the PR path, he has been supporting clients from various industries in the B2B segment in achieving their goals. A team player, not letting up until the final whistle.

Author's insights

Companies engaging in media activities is often an important puzzle of a whole brand or product communication strategy. Evaluating effectiveness helps determine directions for further action. How can this be done in PR? Is it possible? We figure it out in this blog post

You are aware of what and how important PR is for your company or institution, you are after the first contact with the representatives of the agency and you start to feel that more questions arise in your head. Yes, this is the right time to ask them. And if you have doubts that you haven't forgotten something important, take a look at our list.