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Mateusz Bogusz

Mateusz is a PRINCE2® and AgilePM® certified leader with extensive knowledge of digital media, and high analytical acumen. He’s abias to action and focused on ROI based prioritization, exploring insights, and delivering measurable results. He’s driven by meaningful and impactful initiatives, in which he invests his time and passion – especially when accompanied by a committed team. His expertise spans across various industries, notably in space and IT sectors, encompassing agile and waterfall project management, digital communications, branding, and storytelling. He has successfully managed digital projects for organizations, such as the NATO, European Space Foundation, Green Caffè Nero, Polish Space Agency, Hyland, Concentrix, and EU Agency for the Space Programme. He graduated with honors in Graphic Design (2021, Master's), Multimedia and Interactive Graphics (2019, Bachelor's), and holds a postgraduate in IT Project Management (2023). Currently, Mateusz serves as a Digital Manager at Planet Partners, a prominent B2B-focused PR agency in Poland. Concurrently, he holds the position of Communications Coordinator in the European Rover Challenge project at the European Space Foundation, in which he gained experience in driving and owning the narrative with leadership, stakeholders, and partners (incl. commercial and governmental entities).

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