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Our actions bring tangible results. We implement strategies that are sometimes non-standard and unusual, but are always well thought out and grounded in reality. Thanks to this, together with our clients, we achieve ambitious business and image goals, reach precisely defined audiences and effectively influence public opinion. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Convince yourself by watching case studies from our realizations.

Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej – Gliwice Sp. z o.o.

PEC-Gliwice asked us for support in building the brand of its new investment from scratch. The challenge was not only to creatively approach the image of the thermal waste processing center, but above all to build a positive image of the potentially controversial facility in the eyes of Gliwice residents and representatives of the administration: councilors and municipal authorities.

NATO's #ProtectTheFuture

NATO and gaming? Does this combination actually work? 😮 We've proven that it does! Take a look at how the #ProtectTheFuture campaign turned out and how we celebrated together with gamers and NATO representatives at the NATO Gaming Tournament.

Warsaw Photo Marathon

Our involvement in the WMF project has led to a noticeable increase in its attendance and profitability, showing that it is capable of making its mark on the cultural calendar of Warsaw.

Digitalowa komunikacja 20-lecia Green Caffè Nero

Green Caffè Nero

We have shown that GCN is not only about quality products and good coffee, but also amazing passionate people who identify with the brand and build its value.

realme Poland

The agency's main task was to establish and maintain relationships with media and opinion leaders from the technology, business, gaming or lifestyle industries, as well as to support the client in organizing events and creative campaigns.

Kyndryl Poland

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly hampered Kyndryl's planned November 2021 entry into the global market, including the brand launch in Poland. We had to take an out-of-the-box approach in this case.


As the brand's first communications agency, the main objective of the collaboration between SYDERAL Polska and Planet Partners was to build the brand's expert image among key stakeholders. The most important target groups for communication were current and potential business partners, stakeholders at the administrative level, as well as potential employees.

IBC Solar

We have set as the goal of our activities, first and foremost, to build a strongly recognizable brand, positively associated with the position of a leading manufacturer and supplier of renewable energy solutions on the market, and to appear in the minds of the public as an expert in the field of solar energy.


Planning and editing the first flooring trendbook "Flooring Matters" under the auspices of the Interface brand with the participation of independent experts. Building the Interface brand's expert position in modular flooring design and sustainability by reaching out to designated target groups with key messages.

GMV Innovating Solutions

The main goal of the collaboration between GMV and Planet Partners was to increase the company's visibility in opinion and trade media in the transportation and space sectors. An additional challenge was to move away from GMV's established image as a foreign company and show audiences that it is a company with a real, positive impact on the domestic economy.

SENER Poland

Reaching the main target group of stakeholders at the level of administration and government agencies. Reaching out to the public: regular presence of the company's experts in the media in opinion-forming titles (of the space sector in Poland), as well as in the news media (commenting on milestones of global space exploration).


InnoEnergy CEE

International communication of the three editions of the PowerUp! project and support of the company's branding activities. Reaching cleantech solution developers from 24 countries with information about the PowerUp! competition and opportunities;


Health Psychology Studio

"HIV is a problem of people like us. Showing a positive image of infected people, evoking sympathy for them, talking about opportunities rather than threats, showing the normality of seropositive people to change the stereotypical image of people living with HIV," was the main idea we communicated in an innovative educational campaign to counteract social discrimination against people living with HIV.


Building and strengthening relationships with TriGranit's key audiences - current and potential tenants, building designers and contractors, local government representatives. Getting new potential customers interested in B4B's offerings and TriGranit's investment plans.


European Rover Challenge

Reach a diverse target audience: from students from all over the world, to recruiters from engineering and technology companies, local and government authorities, to the scientific community, local communities and science enthusiasts.



The project included media support and co-organization of Europe's largest Star Wars fan convention called StarForce.

Kossak Hotel

Building the image of Hotel Kossak as an ideal venue for conferences and business meetings and positioning the Kossak Hotel team as experts and advisors on the production of such events

HID Global

Building and consolidating the company's expert image in industry, business and technology media.


Building WEBCON's position in Poland as a leader in low-code Business Process Management software, educating target groups on the subject of low-code solutions.

Axis Communications

Presentation of Axis Communications as a developer of advanced and effective video surveillance solutions (IP cameras).

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Wondering what experience we have in your industry? Or maybe you want to know how we solved a specific problem or carried out a specific campaign? We will be happy to tell you more about our past implementations.

Award-winning projects

We believe that every project can become a campaign worthy of an award, which is why we have been winning prestigious awards from the Polish and international PR industry for years.


NAOS Poland

Złote Spinacze, Beauty, Hygiene & Wellness


ERC Inspiration Book

Złote Spinacze, Custom Publishing

Best PR Campaign B2B Impact Shortlist

PowerUp! Competition

GlobalCom PR Network Awards


HIVocrisy – let's get cured

Złote Spinacze, Healthcare


HIVocrisy – let's get cured

Złote Spinacze, Public awareness campaign

Bronze – Best event Public Relations

European Rover Challenge

Stevie Awards



Złote Formaty

Product launch

European Rover Challenge

MP Power Awards