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We build the image of companies and brands, and we care for their visibility on the Internet.

We create communities and achieve high reach using multi-channel activities on the web. Thanks to the many years of experience of our specialists, we successfully achieve our clients’ goals.

We provide the following services:

Social media

  • Conducting effective communication of brands on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others;
  • Creating unique and engaging content supported by our graphic department;
  • Developing communication strategies in social media, focused on the brand story;
  • Managing brand profiles and moderating interactions with recipients;
  • Analyzing and monitoring activities on an ongoing basis and following trends on the web.


Design & multimedia

  • Designing visual identification systems, brand books, key visuals, logos, outdoor and indoor advertising media;
  • Comprehensively supporting activities in social media by creating graphic materials in line with the needs of customers;
  • Preparing graphics and interactive banners for online campaigns;
  • Designing 2D animations, explainer videos, animated GIFs;
  • Producing and edit video materials, Organizing photo sessions;
  • Creating websites and landing pages.


Digital campaigns

  • Implementing advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads;
  • Defining target groups and goals, creating personas, analyzing campaigns and budgets;
  • Monitoring the effects and optimizing activities;
  • Creating slogans and content that supports sales.



  • Comprehensively preparing and implementing stationary and hybrid events;
  • Coping with the conduct and organization of events;
  • Organizing online meetings and press conferences;
  • Providing coverage of events and online broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook;
  • Handling the promotion of the event on the web and in the media.


Influencer marketing

  • Engaging short and long-term cooperation with micro- and macro-influencers;
  • Developing multi-channel strategies that pursue brand goals, reaching a precisely defined target group;
  • Planning creative and highly engaging activities (creative mailings, promotional campaigns).

Other projects: