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Effective integrated communication in company can be even more successful if there is cooperation with experienced partners in implementation of current tasks and solving important problems.

It is worth to have a trustworthy team of consultants who can provide current recommendations concerning marketing communication and image. In this field we offer the following services:

We provide the following services:

Public Relations

  • strategic and creative support in ongoing PR activities
  • developing a matrix of recommended communication tools and channels
  • communication support for the company’s marketing activities
  • mapping of journalists
  • conducting comprehensive media relations activities
  • social media activities
  • PR events (press meetings, conferences, openings)
  • measuring of the PR effects on the basis of dedicated KPI -reporting the effects of PR activities
  • ongoing monitoring of the media

Communication campaigns

  • comprehensive preparation and implementation of various kinds of communication campaigns compatible with the company’s strategy (both product campaigns and campaigns aimed at achieving certain social effect)
  • developing creative ideas for the campaigns together with recommendation of the communication channels
  • mapping and cooperation with bloggers and influencers
  • recommendation and cooperation with ambassadors and opinion leaders
  • media planning and buying (analysis of the media consumption by the target group, choice of communication channels, recommendation concerning forms of reaching the target groups, preparing a schedule and dividing the budget among the particular media)

Content marketing

  • running company blogs (preparing the content, publication plans, content promotion plans)
  • social media (recommendation of activities, preparing the content, publication plans, monitoring)
  • preparing branch and marker reports as well as trendbooks
  • preparing and implementation of advertising campaigns, including media planning and buying


  • preparing ideas and creative solutions for a given event
  • planning and comprehensive realisation of events, including hosting (speaker) and organisational support
  • event promotion (action plan, communication channels, extensive media coverage)

Other projects: