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Effective strategic planning, which should include the business goals of the given entity must always be based on a comprehensive assessment of the starting point.

Correct and comprehensive analysis of available data makes it possible to effectively devise strategic basis for the brand, corporate identity or prepare a programme of integrated marketing communication. As part of our advisory we offer the following services:

We provide the following services:


  • conducting the analysis of the initial situation in form of a communication audit using original tools and methodology
  • preparing media and social media monitoring reports (statistics and the tone of publications; the quality analysis of results; expert opinions)
  • checking the corporate and institution identity (systems of visual identification, communication language)
  • preparing expert guidelines for future management of the brand/company communication

Data-driven communication

  • analysis of communication campaigns (also those of market competitors)
  • data communication
  • developing and optimisation of campaigns based on given data
  • strategic support in establishing buyer persona i communication persona

Market reports

  • preparing branch marketing reports (image, ways of communication, case studies)
  • substantial and graphical preparation of trend books (identification of trends in a given branch with expert and opinion leaders commentaries)
  • preparing expert opinions in strategic areas of companies and institutions’ communication

Communication strategy

  • planning strategies for new brands (brand basics – the essence, big idea, key messages, identity design: brand name and the system of visual identification, insights and brand positioning, brand communication)
  • rebranding (repositioning, change of brand identity, new communication)
  • developing strategies and communication plans (sales and image goals, communication target groups, tools and channels, budget, media plans, implementation plan)

International communication 

  • planning the brand communication presence on foreign markets
  • developing international communication plans in cooperation with local agencies being a part of GlobalCOM network and acting as our branches
  • coordinating projects implemented simultaneously on numerous markets by various agencies (local) or marketing departments/branch offices of our clients
  • communication support for Polish clients planning to enter foreign markets:

Media trainings

  • planning personal image strategies of managers together with implementation workshops
  • media trainings from scratch
  • operational preparation of company’s key persons for public speeches (controlling stress, behaving in front of the camera)
  • training how to deliver presentations in front of audience

Communication advisory

  • ongoing support in taking decisions concerning the scope of communication
  • current media recommendation (scope, target groups, budget)
  • content creation advisory
  • mapping of influencers and opinion leaders

Other projects: