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Crisis management

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Crisis situation is a natural element of functioning of each and every company or institution.

Sooner or later every entity is exposed to such situation, regardless of their size or market position. The crisis is accompanied by the increased interest from the public opinion and disruption of the normal functioning of the company. Effects of badly managed crisis could be not only weakening the company’s image and lowering of trust but there also could be economic consequences such as loosing of the market position, legal problems, problems with relations with authorities of various levels.

The key to an effective crisis management are adequate preparation, prevention, quick reaction and active management in the most difficult moments as well as post-crisis therapy. In this field our offer includes:

We provide the following services:

Crisis procedures

  • analysis of crisis risk stemming from the specifics of the company’s or institution’s activities
  • preparation of crisis scenarios
  • developing the crisis communication manual

Crisis management trainings

  • identification of the key crisis recipients
  •  preparation of crisis content
  • ways of reacting to crisis situations
  • organisation of the team managing the crisis in the company
  • analysis of the given branch case studies
  • media trainings

Crisis intervention

  • identification of the kind of crisis
  • recommendations concerning the ways to handle the crisis
  • active crisis communication
  • preparing statements and replies to media enquiries
  • preparing key persons for media appearance
  • monitoring of the crisis course in media

Image management after the crisis

  • analysis of the crisis course
  • developing a strategy of image management after the crisis (recovery programmes)
  • recommendations of changes in procedures (verification and modification)
  • implementation of the recovery programme (preparing the content, choosing the communication channels, budget management)