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AXIS COMMUNICATIONS – communications activities

Axis Communications offers a full range of solutions in video surveillance and data analysis for a wide range of sector and branch use (production, shops, transport, industry, government institutions).


  • Presenting Axis Communications as a maker of advanced and effective solutions for video surveillance (IP cameras).
  • Creating the image of an expert and consultant, who is engaged in raising awareness of how such systems function.


  • Preparing and effective distribution of high-quality articles and press releases showing Axis Communications as the leader on the market of video surveillance solutions for a wide range of sectors.
  • Organising B2B meetings of Axis Communication partners, PR support during conferences and branch fairs, developing and coordination of non-standard marketing and PR projects for Axis Communication.


  • Creating a strong image of Axis Communication as an expert on video surveillance systems.
  • Effective introduction to sectors where Axis Communication was not present before.

Axis Communications

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