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ERC – communication strategy and event communication campaign

International Mars rover competition, European Rover Challenge, is currently the biggest space and robotics event in the world. And our agency has been involved from the very beginning. Year after year the event attracts more participants – young engineers and constructors from all around the world. In this year’s finals there were as many as 35 teams from six continents, including a record number of competitors from Europe.

The potential and popularity of ERC was appreciated by, among the others, the European Space Agency, which supports the project also substantively, Polish government which included the project in the Polish Space Strategy as the specific objective under sources generating future specialists for the space sector, and the Polish Space Agency which resulted in placing ERC in the Priority National Space Programme. From the first ERC edition our agency has been responsible for the project communication in Poland and around the world. In the 2018 edition we decided to include new elements in communication activities.


  • Promoting ERC as the biggest space and robotics event of such kind in the world
  • Focusing on communication – showing the media that ERC is not just one of the several Mars rover competitions but international robotic competition – the biggest space and robotics event in the world.
  • Showing ERC in the context of development of the Polish space industry, cooperation between science and business as well as commercialisation of space technologies (the trend known as Space 4.0).
  • Positioning and presentation of ERC to the media as well as potential partners and sponsors as the project which shapes young blood and new staff for the space industry and a platform to promote talented and ambitious employees for the space sector.


  • Preparing a complex communication strategy for the event
  • Adding new elements to the brand identity strategy, preparing a communication strategy based on new key words.
  • Developing a communication matrix and choosing recommended tools and communication channels – preparing a detailed schedule of the event promotion for numerous entities. 
  • Obtaining honorary auspices of main Polish state institutions linked to business and science, namely the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, Ministry of Digital Affairs, NCBR, Polish Space Agency.
  • Obtaining media patronage and cooperation during the event of the top nation-wide, local and branch media including TVP, TVN, TVP Republika, RMF FM, Onet
  • Mapping of journalists, creating a base and keeping in touch with them the whole year long, including stimulating interviews and articles that locate ERC as an important part of development of the Polish space sector . 
  • Stressing the international character of the European Rover Challenge in press materials 
  • Updating own media channels: website and event profiles on Facebook and Twitter, building up a social media community. – Setting up and handling the press centre at the event location.
  • Organising a press conference accompanying the European Rover Challenge opening ceremony; preparing and sending invitations to media, managing accreditations.
  • Constant monitoring of publications.
  • Measuring the PR effects on the basis of dedicated KPI indicators – summarising respective phases of activities and reporting effects


  • During four editions of ERC there were almost 100,000 visitors and more than 1,000 participants from all over the world who came to Poland to take part in Mars rover competition.
  • Four editions meant also more than 6,000 various publications in the world media and almost 500,000 social media activities.
  • Three-day live transmission of ERC (the first in the competition’s history) was watched so far by 41,400 people. When it was streamed live there were more than 37,000 comments. The watching time altogether was 165 days and 14 hours.
  • In the media European Rover Challenge was presented not as Sunday tailpieces but as a serious tournament of constructors from all around the world. Grzegorz Brona, the president of the Polish Space Agency said about ERC that it was the event that can play a major role in (Polish) negotiations to join PER ASPERA UE consortium and in obtaining European funds for developing innovative Polish space projects, especially robotic ones.

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