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GMV – expert identity building, communications consulting

GMV is a global technology group operating in diverse areas of engineering and technology. The company’s activities include aeronautics, automotive, cybersecurity, defense and security, space, finance, industry, healthcare, digital public services, and intelligent transportation systems. The collaboration between GMV and Planet Partners focuses on two of the company’s fields: space technology solutions and mass transportation.


Our activities were intended to position GMV as an innovative company creating the highest quality advanced technologies and an expert in the industries in which it operates. The primary purpose of the collaboration between GMV and Planet Partners was to increase the company’s visibility in opinion and trade media in the transport and space industries. Increased activity in these media allowed us to reach a select group of stakeholders from the business community and public administration, with whom GMV works closely daily.


An additional challenge was to move away from GMV’s well-established image as a foreign company and show the audience that it is a company with a real, positive impact on the domestic economy, creating jobs in Poland and positively influencing Poland’s image in the international arena.


  • Building the image of expert GMV directors for the following areas: transportation and space by arranging their comments and interviews with them in the media and appearances at industry events;
  • Preparing high-level content: expert articles and commentaries, arranging publications in the industry and opinion media in Poland and abroad;
  • Running a press office: mapping general and trade media, selecting strategic media, and maintaining relations with them;
  • Content support in the Client’s channels:
    • posts to social media in Polish and English,
    • content for blog and website.
  • Communication consulting;
  • Communication support GMV’s participation in industry events.


  • In 2018-2021, more than two thousand GMV-related publications in the Polish media;
  • Increased visibility of GMV in leading opinion and business media, reaching decision-makers and public administration, such as Rzeczpospolita, Forbes, Puls Biznesu, and industry media: Space24, WP Tech, FOCUS;
  • Presence in leading international space and technology industry media:, Space Daily;
  • Consolidation of the image of a solid employer in the space sector;
  • Increased media interest in the company’s experts.

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