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KOSSAK HOTEL – communication activities

Kossak Hotel is a four star luxury hotel in Krakow, located at the Vistula River close to the Old Town and the Wawel Castle. One of its assets is modern interior design and a captivating view of the city’s panorama. Despite the accommodation rooms and two renowned restaurants, Kossak Hotel has three conference rooms, ideal for organisation of business meetings.


  • Promoting the hotel’s offer among business clients
  • Building up the Kossak Hotel image as an ideal place for organising conferences and business meetings, as well as positioning the Kossak Hotel team as experts and advisors on such events


  • Developing a concept and a plan of creating weekly articles for the Knowledge Base on the hotel’s website (content marketing).
  • Using the social media to promote business events 
  • Stressing the advantages of the place to increase prestige of the events organised in Kossak Hotel
  • Building up the expert position of the Kossak Hotel team through materials in branch media (business, marketing and public relations)
  • Supporting Hotel’s communication in social media – on Twitter and LinkedIn, with focus on promoting MICE sector materials 
  • Developing a concept, authorship and coordination of the make-up of the alternative guide to Krakow entitled “Differently in Krakow” in a form of an e-book. It contains an attractive offer of spending free time for those who visit Krakow as part of short business trips prepared by the Kossak Hotel as part of the support for conference guests.


  • Preparation of 24 expert articles for the Kossak Hotel Knowledge Base being a valuable tip for all organising various kinds of business meetings in the hotel premises
  • Initiating 9 articles in branch media, positioning the hotel team members as experts on organising business events
  • Preparation of the alternative guide to Krakow for conference guests and obtaining patronage of the KrakowConventionBureau. All texts (original restaurants, vantage points, ways of alternative discovering the city, unusual entertainment) were written by the agency’s staff with the Hotel Kossak guests in mind. E-book ”Differently in Krakow” was published in two languages – Polish and English
  • Building the hotel’s image as the expert advisor on organising business events

Hotel Kossak

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