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IBC SOLAR Poland – marketing strategy and communication consulting in the photovoltaic industry

IBC SOLAR has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for photovoltaic installations for 39 years. It provides its customers with the highest quality installation components, such as mounting structures, modules, inverters, and energy storage systems. It also carries out complete PV installations for public institutions, commercial institutions, and individual customers. IBC SOLAR’s photovoltaic systems each year supply more than three million people with environmentally friendly energy.


Despite its long-standing presence in the Polish market, IBC SOLAR Polska has not conducted intensive PR activities. Thus, its recognition outside the strict industry was low, media contacts were sporadic, and the brand was seldom mentioned as a flagship example of a RES market leader and industry expert.


Therefore, we set as the goal of our activities, foremost of all, to build a strongly recognizable brand, positively associated with the position of a leading manufacturer and supplier of RES solutions in the market and to appear in the minds of the public as an expert in the field of solar energy. The main goal consisted of specific objectives assuming:


  • Professionalizing PR activities in Poland and increasing the visibility of the IBC SOLAR Poland brand in the media;
  • Building the brand image as an expert in areas related to solar energy, the RES market, energy transition, as well as photovoltaic trends in Poland and the world;
  • Developing brand awareness as a stable, reliable, and trustworthy partner among potential business partners;
  • Increasing brand awareness among end consumers with a focus on education and communication about innovative PV solutions offered by the company.


  • Preparation and implementation of a Communication Plan, which allowed to organize communication activities and transform ad hoc communication into permanent and thoughtful action;
  • Establishing regular contacts with trade media in the fields of energy and ecology, preparing and distributing press releases on the innovations of both IBC SOLAR Polska and the parent company, as well as high-quality articles enriched with comments from the company’s experts;
  • Creation of expert dossiers of two representatives of IBC SOLAR Polska;
  • Content marketing – preparation of high-level content aimed at the company’s customers and potential business partners:
    • articles for the IBC SOLAR Polska blog,
    • texts for the IBC SOLAR website,
    • posts for the company’s social media,
  • Running paid campaigns in trade media to increase brand exposure among potential customers and business partners;
  • Communication consulting and active participation in implementing communication strategies in the Polish and foreign markets.


  • More than 140 mentions in trade and general media from January to October 2021;
  • Presence in leading industry portals and titles: Wirtualny Nowy Przemysł, Energetyka24.pl, Wysokie Napięcie, Gram w Zielone;
  • Increasing the visibility of the IBC SOLAR Poland brand among target groups, consolidating the image of the leader of the photovoltaic industry in Poland;
  • Enhancing, in the eyes of journalists, the company’s image as an authority in the RES field and a more significant number of inquiries for expert commentary.

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