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Innovators Under 35 Poland – event communication campaign

Innovators Under 35 Poland is the Polish edition of the global competition organised by the prestigious MIT Technology Review, the oldest technology magazine in the world. It is published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the renowned American technology university, ranked in the top ten of the best universities in the United States. The aim of the competition is to award young innovators and the most talented entrepreneurs, the development of new technologies and creative use of already existing innovations to solve present problems. MIT Technology Review has been organising the competition since 1999, at the beginning only in the United States, then all around the world. The winners in previous editions were, among the others: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google), Danier Ek (Spotify), and in Poland Olga Malinkiewicz, who developed a cheap method of producing solar cells based on perovskites.


  • To interest journalists of the influential, popular science and business media with the subject of the competition. 
  • To promote the competition winners.


Preparing the action plan for the campaign we were fully aware that the competition itself wasn’t yet widely recognised in Poland (it was just its second edition). The challenge was also quite a short time allocated for the event promotion. We prepared press materials based on set of information received from the competition organisers. Our task was to translate them and adapt them to the Polish reality. Such prepared materials were the starting point for direct contacts with carefully selected journalists. They were invited to the awards ceremony and interviews with the organisers and the winners were arranged.


  • More than 100 publications on the award and the winners in nation-wide and regional media.
  • Strengthening the Planet Partners position as the leading communication agency in the new technologies and innovation sector.

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