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TriGranit – event communication campaign

Creative concept and organisation of the opening of a new office building in the Bonarka for Business (B4B) complex owned by TriGranit, a company specialising in creating modern multifunctional urban facilities consisting of shopping and entertainment centres, offices, hotels, residential area and cultural institutions in strategic locations in Central and Eastern Europe.

The building was the sixth A class office building in the B4B complex located in the former Bonarka chemical plant area, one of the biggest revitalised post-industrial areas In Europe.


  • Arousing interest in B4B offer and TriGranit investment plans in as many persons as possible
  • Building relations with key TriGranit recipients – both current and potential tenants, building’s designers and contractors, representatives of local authorities.


Opening of the new office building was another such event in B4B complex therefore there were concerns that some of the invited guests and media would not find it interesting. Thus the event scenario included using of the industrial space in the building’s shell. This original arrangement complemented with multimedia setting and a tour of the building attracted the record number of guests. Press materials were cut to the needs of regional and branch media.


  • More than 100 guests at the opening ceremony – business partners, local authorities representatives, tenants, journalists.
  • More than 30 publications on the new office building and TriGranit investment plans in Krakow in general news and branch media.

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