Influencer Marketing in 2023 – everything you should know but have no one to ask

The last few years on the web have been continuously passing under a huge and shimmering in all possible colors sign of influencers. Internet celebrities have taken the online influencers by storm. Over time, their image and sales potential has also been recognized by brands increasingly choosing to work with content creators. What can we expect from sponsored content in the coming months?

All clear

2022 has brought a lot of changes in terms of influencer cooperation. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, alarmed by numerous reports, decided to take a close look at sponsored activities online. Some creators were hiding advertisers, thus misleading their audiences. The OCC created a series of documents and instructions describing the correct marking of collaborations and requiring, among other things, the use of the sponsored content marking function available in the post publishing view. The OCC did not stop at just creating regulations. Officials in charge of running the authority’s account are active on social media, responding to markings in the comments under the posts of wayward creators and providing ongoing reminders of the rules for proper marking. Investigations are also being conducted among creators who have violated the law in the past.

Capture what you want to show

We all remember the early days of Instagram and the ubiquitous photography of almost every meal that hit our tables. We took dozens if not hundreds of photos presenting our daily life to our friends and observers. Nowadays, this trend is experiencing its second life, in a slightly refreshed and smoothed form. Reels, or short video content, began to build their popularity back in 2022. However, it is the coming months that will be the peak of popularity for them. Instead of still frames, social media users are increasingly opting to post video clips. The enduring popularity of the Asian-origin TikTok, which is based entirely on dynamic content, has obviously contributed to this trend.

Quality, not quantity

The pandemic has significantly reduced monetization opportunities. Companies were forced to abandon large-scale campaigns and photo shoots and entrust the entire operation to online creatives. Then social media was flooded with a wave of advertising materials shot in influencers’ homes. The oversaturated market is slowly getting back on track, and creators are increasingly opting for long-term partnerships with just a few brands. Modern campaigns are based on simultaneous activities on several platforms and instead of purely sales activities, image ones are chosen, creating influencers into brand ambassadors.

At Planet Partners, we work with online influencers from different industries – from technology reviewers to sports enthusiasts to makeup gurus. We create branding and sales campaigns tailored to the brand’s needs and relevant to the target audience. With our commitment, we achieve our Clients’ goals and prove that nothing is impossible for us.


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