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Public Relations is more than just press releases. How does a communications agency support its Clients?

As you say PR agency, you think of press releases. The connotation is correct as far as it goes, but is it enough? Public Relations is often associated with the work of a press officer responsible for contact with the public. This is, of course, one of the services, but the possibilities of our agency continue beyond there. One could say that they are only beginning.

In what situations is it worth approaching a communications agency? Certainly, when a company launches a new product or service. Also, in times of crisis, the first step should be to contact lawyers and communications experts. We help companies manage crises – ongoing and those that haven’t happened yet!

If your team needs an idea for a creative campaign or your company needs a workforce, this is also the right time to seek help from an agency. There are many opportunities for cooperation with Clients: we plan and implement communication activities that help achieve the desired business goals. Among other things, the role of Planet Partners is to comprehensively prepare and implement various communication campaigns in line with corporate strategy. Based on the many years of experience of our team, to the objectives and challenges set, we select communication channels and tools that will be most suited to the target groups’ preferences.

If not press releases, what then?

Content marketing is one of the suggestions. Among the range of possibilities, customers often choose to maintain a company blog. It is not uncommon to see a “blog” tab on company websites with several posts, the last of which was published at least two years ago. Working with a communications agency helps avoid such situations. We create posts, starting with preparing the content, establishing the publishing plan, and finishing with the details related to the schedule. Creating interest in content can be the first step to attracting new customers, it also serves to strengthen your position among partners. The positioning of the site in the search engine is also worth mentioning – a site that is updated with company blog posts will perform much better according to Google’s algorithms than one with nothing new appearing for a long time.

Another of the agency’s services is event communications support. Working according to a predetermined plan of action, we handle the event’s promotion, obtain media patronage, and generate publicity on television, in the press, or on the Internet. You can also entrust us with organizational support and organization of the press office, and often our team members act as speakers or panel moderators.

In our work, we develop the image of businesses and brands. Increasingly, Clients are placing digital activities high on their list of priorities. Social media is the perfect place for us to create engaging and unique content, which results in increased online visibility for our Clients. Interacting in the comments, in turn, builds awareness that the company takes its audience seriously. We also carry out advertising campaigns as part of digital projects, preceded by the identification of the appropriate target audience, as well as the preparation of original advertising slogans. However, preparing and broadcasting an ad is not yet in itself a recipe for success. We monitor the campaign on an ongoing basis and optimize it to achieve the best possible results.

For effective advertising, you need quality design. At the agency, we create visual materials, such as graphics or interactive banners. We organize photo shoots, as well as produce and edit video materials. When creating graphic elements, we focus on making sure that they resonate with the company’s goals, are appropriately tailored to the brand’s target audience, and at the same time, are straightforward so that they are easily remembered. Our specialists design brand books, key visuals, and visual identity systems for your business. With these essential tools for image creation, communications sent by the company will be consistent and clear while standing out from the competition.

In our activities, we focus not only on Poland. We work in a multi-track manner on multi-national projects. For one thing, we work for international brands, and our clients are solid international brands. For another, we support companies wishing to develop abroad and help them create appropriate materials when expanding into the global market. In cooperation with foreign partner agencies, we produce international communication plans.

What does a public relations agency do?

In conclusion, it’s worth asking ourselves again, “what does a public relations agency do?” It responds to the needs of the Client. At Planet Partners, we tailor activities to reach a brand’s goals. With a good brief, we provide the Client with a comprehensive solution in which various communication activities are planned. Our motto is “sky is not the limit,” so we often come up with wild ideas, which we implement with outstanding commitment. The results of independent studies confirm this!


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The report gathers data on the communication environment in the region, enabling the selection of appropriate communication tools.
A compendium of knowledge on measurability of PR activities, created on the basis of many years of experience, professional literature and scientific research.



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