The latest Hays Poland survey shows that more than half of employees (59 percent) plan to change jobs within the next year.

The pandemic has irreversibly changed the labor market. Many employees have reevaluated their approach to where they work, betting on the flexibility of remote work and well-being, among other things. According to the 2021 Boldare report, the criteria for choosing a new employer are also changing. “While salary is still high on the list of priorities (it is very important to 68 percent of those surveyed by Boldare), atmosphere is more important (as declared by 78 percent of respondents).”

Selected criteria for choosing an employer (% of respondents):

Atmosphere 78%
Salary 68%

Source: Boldare Report, 2021

Most employees check employer information online before sending in their applications.

In the age of social media, there is also no room for any misstep in communication: transparency and strong employer values are at a premium. Any ill-considered communication (for example, a post on LinkedIn) that goes against the company’s proclaimed values will be noticed, scrutinized and undermine your company’s credibility in the eyes of employees and potential employees.

There is no indication that this trend is about to reverse.

Modern companies are investing in an Employer Branding strategy (and its implementation) because they know that a satisfied employee will be their best ally and ambassador.

The problem of attracting specialists and experts is also becoming increasingly apparent in many industries. A particularly strong market for an employee has been recorded for many years in the IT industry.  According to the IT No Fluff Jobs Market report, each month of 2021 sees 2-3 times more job offers than the same period in 2020!

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