Why should you do a Communications Audit?

A communications audit is a powerful tool for the entire marketing communications process. It supports the development of your business and gives you an answer as to whether your existing activities are going in the direction you want. Because the right question is not whether such an audit is necessary, but whether you really know if and how your communications are achieving all your business, marketing or communication goals.

So if you want to know and evaluate the effectiveness of your Company’s activities, it’s worth learning more about our offer, its research basis and the several years of experience behind Planet Partners and its auditors.

With a communications audit

Be the best. This is the only market that is not crowded.


Audit methodology

Our approach is a combination of more than 16 years of professional practice in this area with widely recognized research methods in the social sciences (relying primarily on those described by Prof. C. Frankfort-Nachmias and D. Nachmias).

We collect data using, among other things, observational methods, surveys (depending on the level of expansion of the audit), or by conducting qualitative research. At this stage we use, among other things, advanced media monitoring tools, thanks to which we collect all information concerning not only your Company, but also selected competitors. We also search social media or blogs.

We process and analyze data, while diagnosing and identifying problems that may have an impact on building the wrong corporate image. We also conduct benchmarking and study outreach, impact or audience reactions. We also reach for trendmaps, foresights and market reports.

We evaluate and give recommendations, based on strategic and sometimes statistical inference (e.g. in the case of internal communication audits). Our final report will be visually appealing and include effective storytelling around the data.

A communications audit helps build trust and commitment among your company's employees, stakeholders or customers.

The scope of our activities

The objectives of our activities in the communication audit process are:

Assessment of the current situation with regard to the brand's policy so far communication policy

Assess the current state of the brand's online and offline communications presence

Assessing the image in the environment

Evaluation of communication tools and channels

Benefits for your business

Conducting a comprehensive audit of internal and external communication methods yields a wealth of information that brings countless benefits to your company. By working with the experienced auditors at Planet Partners:

"The best thing a man can do for a man is to help him know more".


Experience is the best teacher.