Crisis management

A crisis situation is a natural part of the functioning of any company or institution. The keys to successful crisis management are adequate preparation, prevention, rapid response and active management in the most heated moments, and post-crisis therapy.

Crisis procedures

Analysis of crisis risks arising from the specific activities of the company or institution

Preparation of crisis scenarios

Development of a crisis communication manual

Crisis management training

Identification of key crisis audiences

Preparation of crisis content

Ways to respond to crisis situations

Organization of the company's crisis management team

Analysis of case studies from a particular industry

Media training

Crisis intervention

Identification / recognition of types of crisis

Recommendations on how to deal with the crisis

Active crisis communication

Preparation of statements and responses to media inquiries

Preparation of key persons for media appearances

Monitoring the course of the crisis in the media

Image management after the crisis

Analysis of the course of the crisis

Development of post-crisis image management strategies (recovery programs)

Recommendations for changes in procedures (verification and modification)

Implementation of the recovery program (development of content, designation of communication channels, budget management

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As the brand's first communications agency, the main objective of the collaboration between SYDERAL Polska and Planet Partners was to build the brand's expert image among key stakeholders. The most important target groups for communication were current and potential business partners, stakeholders at the administrative level, as well as potential employees.